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While it is included as a pdf with the DVD, to save the ink cartridges of those who prefer to read offline: The TACT Companion Workbook is available as a printed workbook (115 pages). TACT DVD cover
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Caregivers Fatigue

Caregivers Fatigue: What is it?

The experience of living with reactive or aggressive dogs can be very punishing to the caregiver. We spend countless hours positively reinforcing our dogs which may leave us little time or energy to positively reinforce ourselves. Quite often owners of these dogs fall subject to Caregivers Fatigue, a condition of physical and mental exhaustion. Read more about Caregiver's Fatigue.

The Program

The TACT Caregivers Fatigue Program has many facets.Read more.

Meet Anne Lindsay

A few years ago Julie Robitaille had attended one of my compassion fatigue workshops for animal welfare professionals. After the workshop Julie approached me and told me that all the information that I presented was exactly what she was feeling many years earlier when she was at the most turbulent time with her own reactive dog AJ. She told me about the work she was doing with TACT and asked if I would be willing to work with her to create a TACT Caregivers Fatigue Program for her students.

Our Caregivers Fatigue Stories

We have all owned reactive dogs that have shaped our lives. We understand the emotional toll owning one of these special dogs can take on your life. We have written all of our own Caregiver Fatgiue Stories and have featured them in our companion book. Read more